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The range of genuine Mercedes Benz parts will support your need as well. With BENZ SPARES you will not have to order one spare part in one shop and another spare part in another shop. You will likely find here all you need to purchase.

Our ordering system is designed for quick and easy sourcing and ordering of all Auto Parts and Components. Have a question, please contact us and well do our best to figure it out! – If you don’t know the part number of the part you are searching for, we suggest using the make, year, model menu first. If you know the part number and it fails, contact us as we might have the part you are looking for via the manufacturer alternative or an updated part number We will check your request and add information on our website as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, try to find a required product by car applicability

At Benz Spares, our goal is simple: genuine parts delivered at your doorstep at reasonable prices. Get the best prices on parts throughout the world with us and save money by purchasing with us.

Benz Spares is a certified dealer of original auto spare parts and makes wholesale supplies to ALL OVER THE WORLD. Currently we are working with wholesale clients from more than 60 countries (including USA, Canada, Ecuador, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, Turkey, Mauritius, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Gulf Region, etc.). We are constantly improving transportation logistics. At your request, we can supply parts from the UAE to any city in the world.

At Benz Spares, our 10 years of experience in the business speaks for itself.

We use a flexible discount system and your price level will depend on the volume of purchases. If the volume of purchases is over 10,000 USD per month, we can offer you individual prices and terms of cooperation.

Whether you’re a part trader, owner of a fleet or a workshop, we’ve got something for you. Registration on our website enables you to receive wholesale discounts on our products as well.

We only sell genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts. Great Parts…Great Prices…Great Service!


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